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Pre-Event Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help us craft and deliver a dynamic presentation specifically suited to meet your needs. Please complete the form below and return it along with the items requested on question #16. If you prefer to fill this form out offline, please download our form here and mail it to our offices. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.

Email Address*
Phone Number*

1. What specific objectives/results are desired from Ray's portion of your meeting/event?

2. What is the theme or specific purpose of this meeting/event?

3. What are the top three challenges currently facing your group?

4. What job functions are these audience members responsible for?

5. What areas of performance are in need of improvement?

6. How many people will be in the audience?

7. Please provide the following information about your group:
Avg. age range : Avg. education level: Avg. income levels: Percent male: Female: Percent new hires: Veterans:

8. Ray likes to use any local "catch phrases" or expressions that are unique to this group. What are some of yours?

9. Please provide us with the names and phone numbers of three key audience members Ray can contact to get additional perspective.

10. What speakers have you hired in the past, and how well were they received?

11. What have been the three most significant changes that have occurred in your marketplace or industry in the past two years?

12. What impact have these changes had on those who will be in the audience for Ray's presentation?

13. What takes place immediately before and after Ray speaks?

14. Who should Ray contact upon arrival at his hotel?

15. What is the appropriate attire for Ray at your meeting/event?

16. Please note that we need: Company newsletters, website, meeting agenda, programs and other printed material which has been distributed to the audience in order to determine the levels of expectation for this meeting What is the expected result you would like to see from Ray's presentation?

** Upon receipt of this questionnaire, Ray will contact you by phone to discuss further how he can build a presentation that meets your expectations and creates your most successful event.

6 Reasons
Clients Hire Ray

Ray connects with people.

He has a unique ability to inspire individuals from the front line to the boardroom.

Ray customizes his presentations.
Ray does not have "cookie cutter" or one size fits all programs. Ray works with your staff to ensure that his presentation meets and exceeds your expectations and needs.

Ray captivates his audience.
He involves them through real life experiences, humorous stories and visual illustrations. One participant recently stated, "Ray's knowledge of the subject matter is outstanding and he really holds his audiences attention while he speaks."

Ray leaves audiences thinking.
His presentation provokes thought. He reminds people that they are their greatest asset and they have to always remember why they do what they do.

Ray is versatile.
Keynote presenter, opener, workshop leader etc... You can have Ray be the keynoter, and have him present a workshop or breakout the same day saving you resources i.e. additional speaker, hotel and travel expenses. By using Ray in multiple capacities during your event, you will be getting tremendous value for your investment.

Ray is accessible.
He is a full service speaking professional and will be available prior to his presentation (Ray always arrives the evening prior to his presentation). After his presentation, Ray makes himself available for question and answer sessions.

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