"Ray Saint spoke at our annual Spring Symposium on May 10, 2011 in Waterloo, Iowa. The audience consisted of Emergency Practice Associates’ physician Medical Directors and nursing leadership from our client hospitals. Generally, this group does not respond well to esoteric motivational topics without substance. To the contrary, Ray’s message was right on target. His presentations were entertaining and fast paced while delivering a key message for our medical leadership team. Ray took the time to understand our business prior to speaking, and delivered a powerful and informative talk that received high ratings by everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend Ray for any speaking engagement where there is a desire to learn and have fun while doing it. Thanks for everything Ray and I look forward to working with again you in the near future!"
Donald R. Bradley
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Emergency Practice Associates

"Stoughton Hospital leadership team participated in a professional development one day seminar presented by Mr. Ray Saint titled "Being Successful on Purpose". The session was based on the principles espoused in his book: It's Great To Be You". The team responded favorably to the training session and considers the training to have been positive and conducive to further leadership development, especially individual commitment to goal development, execution and personal accountability."
Terry Brenny
President/CEO Stoughton Hospital

"Ray simply connects with people. Ray's unique programs and positive attitude have been contagious with our management team and 500 plus employees over the last three years. From leadership training to safety training, if you are looking to re-energize your employees and improve your bottom line, I highly recommend Ray Saint."
J. Panka
Vice President Operations Prairie Industries, Inc.

"Ray, I want to thank you on behalf of all the partners at Pechiney Plastic Packaging of Boscobel, for your training workshop. My goal was to enhance our team atmosphere, communication skills, and ability to maximize each person's potential as leaders of an International Company and your presentation exceeded my expectations. Your ability to deliver a message and relate to our partners was truly amazing! I am sincere, when I tell you that your training workshop ranks as one of the most effective we have had. In fact, many partners are using the tools you brought to us to create a more positive and productive environment. We are already in the planning stages of bringing you back for the second phase of your program. Thanks Ray."
R. Morovits
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Site Leader

"Ray's ability to make people laugh is good, but his ability to make people think is extraordinary! In only one hour, his theme of it's great to be you, truly changed people. I believe in investing in my employees and having Ray Saint speak to them was truly a great investment."
J. Hutchison
President/CEO Nu-Pak, Inc.

"Ray has superior speaking skills and he is able to define and articulate a vision that motivates his audience so they are able to readily identify with him and his message."
D. Schultz
State Senator

"The workshop was entertaining yet accomplished our intentions, which is to have a working knowledge of personality recognition, and be able to apply this towards better communications skills."
T. Kries
Plant Manager/Philips Advance

"The leadership concepts of the GET-IT Together program are very compatible with the style of self-management, and self empowerment philosophy used by Spring Green Technologies."
W. Gashler
President Spring Green Technologies

"Your presentation on stress management provided very usable information that will directly benefit all staff, visitors and our largest customer group, the students.
S. Smith
Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Assoc.

"I was particularly impressed with Ray Saint's ability to relate effectively with a very wide spectrum of our workforce. By making it very personal to our organization, Ray was able to reach all our employees."
G. Bezucha
Administrator Boscobel Area Health Care

"I would like to thank you for your inspiring keynote speech. You combined just the right amount of humor and serious concepts to keep everyone entertained and enthralled. Thank you for making our first time event a success!"
J. Kasper

"Ray, thank you for the motivating keynote presentation for our entire staff. All of our employees enjoyed your 'It's Great to be You' program because you make it personal, thought-provoking and exciting at the same time. We would love to have you come back. "
R. Schultz
Richland School District

"At the start of this school year, like every other in my career, our district invited a keynote speaker. This year it was Ray Saint. I braced myself for what was sure to be another mind-numbing hour that I would spend wishing I were in my classroom preparing for the new year. Ray came out and started talking about how “how great it is to be you” and I started listening to him. Within a few short minutes, I could sense a strong and very real positive energy emanating from him and quickly filling the room. As I have grown older, I find that I pay more attention to subtle life energies… I don’t claim to understand them, but I have found that they exist everywhere. During his talk, I felt myself getting excited about the start of the year, and what I was hoping to accomplish with my students. He has a unique gift for telling us what we already know, what is right in front of our faces, and deep within our hearts, but he does it in a way that makes it seem fresh, new, and exciting. I think his method of delivery would work very well with high school children as well as adults. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his energy is second to none. I would recommend him for any speaking engagement where you wanted stir people up and get them to focus inward on their own individual gifts and possibilities. This was one keynote address I felt glad to be a part of. "
R. Ketola
Chemistry/Physics/Aerospace Teacher

"Ray Saint has changed the way I go about my day. If given the opportunity I would attend another one of his presentations. Thank you for bringing him to the Omaha VA!"
Amy M. Reetz
Accounts Receivable Tech

"Prior to the presentation I had no interest in reading his book. It seems that most self help books/presentations are very academic in nature. They speak of theories and quadrants and high level thinking but never bring it down to the practical level. Ray Saint’s presentation was very much the opposite. He spoke of common sense things and at a level that everyone could relate too. I found it very interesting and will now read his book. I would recommend scheduling him for future presentations within the Visn. When selecting future speakers, regardless of topic, I recommend looking for speakers like Ray that focus on practical, implementable information and not on theoretical information that most speakers utilize. Thanks for the presentation"
Eric Zintek
Financial Accounts Technician

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* A thought provoking presentation to remind the audience of the importance of the role each one of them plays on your team or in your organization.

* A mix of anecdotal, entertaining stories and illustrations along with high levels of useful information.

* a presenter who can open an event and get the people focused into the right mindset for the goals you have established.

* A presentation that is designed for your specific industry, organization, and current needs.

* A presenter that can give a keynote presentation and a value packed breakout session full of practical application tools.

Partial Client List

* Wisc. County Treasurer's Assn
* Stoughton Hospital
* United States Federal Government Veteran's Administration
* Prairie Industries, Inc.
* Pechiney Plastic Packaging/Alcan
* Wisconsin Department of Corrections
* Philips Advance Transformer
* Nu Pak Packaging
* Minnesota West Central Jailer’s Assoc.
* Lands’ End Inc.
* Grant County Social Services
* Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
* NAPMA World Conference, Florida
* University of Wisconsin Platteville
* Boscobel Area Health Care
* Spring Green Technologies
* Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Assoc.
* Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative
* Accounting Associates Inc.
* American Advertising Federation Association Conference
* Isle of Capri Casino
* Crawford Abuse Resistance Effort (C.A.R.E.)
* Richland Center School District
* Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts Association

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