Ray Saint has been building leaders and teaching others to be successful on purpose for most of his adult life. He has lead by example and speaks from experience. As a Certified Protection Specialist and having graduated at the top of his class from Executive Security International (ESI) in 1989, Ray has first hand knowledge and hands on experience in areas including profiles of terrorism, observational psychology, combat and defensive shooting, executive protocol, personal protection, hand to hand combat and escape and evasive driving tactics. He has provided personal protective services to World Leaders and corporate executives throughout North America.

These experiences have given Ray a unique approach to personal growth, goal setting and developing strategies for his own success. They have enabled him, through his own desires, motivation and goal setting to better inspire others to reach and fulfill their dreams and goals. Ray is also a Master Instructor (5th degree black belt) and has twenty-six years experience in the martial arts disciplines of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do. Over this period of time, he has taught over ten thousand individuals the positive leadership traits of self-maximization.

Ray, through his company, Positive Focus Inc., has been providing Personal Development and Leadership Training to organizations and individuals for the past fifteen years. He provides his clients with “real-time” solutions and practical applications that are guaranteed to affect the bottom line both personally and professionally. His unique ability to inspire individuals from the front line to the boardroom has made him a sought after inspirational leader. His keynotes, workshops, and seminars are built around the unique needs of his clients and are nationally recognized as being thought provoking, humorous, and educational.

As a Director of Safety and Employee Development in a corporate setting, Ray has developed and implemented unique training programs for maximizing potential in companies employing from five hundred to six thousand employees.

As a personal success and life balance coach, he has coached executive and management level individuals in getting re-focused and re-energized towards a balanced approach to success and happiness in their lives.

As a professional speaker and published author, Ray will re-energize you, your company, organization, or association. Through the use of the tools in his new book, ”It’s great to be you,” Ray will guide you to develop a greater understanding of your role as the “I” in Team,” to encourage and enable you to incorporate success in your life, at home, at work, or at play.

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