"This book is a great read. It is a direct and common sense approach that motivates through pin point concepts related to self development. It is a stimulating, practical application of personal growth perspectives presented in an easy to understand methodology. From the author's personal experiences it is a publication that can realistically replace miriads of self help books, classes, and research materials regarding self development. "It is Great to Be You" is actually a "tool box" giving individuals sound, directional perspectives leading them to an effective, rewarding, and fullfulling life. Ray Saint is like an extremely effective coach that challenges his readers to improve themselves and work and live effectively with others. "
Richard A. Rogers
Former College President

"Stop the search and get ready to soar! Ray Saint has written a masterpiece to Self Mastery! "IT'S GREAT TO BE YOU," is awesome! Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down! It will give you hope, power, direction, and passion. I am ecstatic that I discovered it!"
Master Ernie Reyes
West Coast World Martial Arts Association

"Ray's book is one of the most practical and to the point books I have ever read. Each chapter cuts to the core with the tools to motivate you to change your way of thinking. I would recommend this book to any elite athlete, school owner, martial artist, and even my teenage daughter!"
World Champion Mike Swain
Four Time Olympian & Olympic Coach

"Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down, it was informational, inspirational, and entertaining. I find myself going back and referring to the book often. It has helped me in my personal life as well as my professional life. I highly recommend this book, it will help you in every aspect of your life."
Gina McAllister
Coldwell Banker River Valley

"Ray's book is one I would recommend to any college student, or anyone for that matter. His invaluable tools and strategies are surefire. Using them helped me to raise my grade point average to a high honor level and keep it there, as well as achieve my own personal fitness goals. I have no doubt that "It's Great To Be You!" is the most empowering book I've ever read, and that it's teachings will continue to help me succeed in life after I graduate."
Kameron Kiley
College Student

"Outstanding, excellent, masterfully energizing. Just when you thought you were at the top of your game or perhaps hit that brick wall, Ray challenges and elevates you to the next level. This book strikingly opens your eyes to everyday simple tools to become convincingly successful on purpose. A craftful reminder “It’s Great To Be You”. This hard text glides through chapters emphasizing attitude, communication and commitment to name a few. No special formulas or false promises. Ray awakens you to everyday practical applications to empower you to make dreams become reality and goals readily achievable. Highlighting and challenging you with the specific tools necessary to meet and exceed your personal and professional expectations with the realization that “you are your greatest asset”. As a Doctor it has not only inspired me to continue to strive as a better overall health care provider but grow personally, both mentally and physically. I was unable to read this book just once. The second read was even better than the first. I continue to utilize it as a point of reference. I would highly recommend this book to any professional or non-professional seeking to further themselves. Very well written and simply put -“You could be anything you want to be, you just have to want to be."
Dr. Andwer W. Nahas
Gundersen Lutheran- Top 100 National Hospitals

"I purchased this book from Mr. Saint at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas mostly out of curiousity and also as a read on the plane trip back home. Well it was more than just a good read, it was inspirational, motivational and eye opening. Each chapter is filled with the tools to help you in every area of your life - both business and personal. This book is a definite must read for anyone wishing to get more out of life and yourself."
Master Tim Bell
Bells Tae Kwon Do - Nova Scotia

"This book has no secret formulas for achieving happiness and success, just proven tools that work if you really want them to."
David Boyd
Director of Business Development

"In the world of personal development books, this book is a breath of fresh air; no fluff, no filler, just substance. A must read for anyone looking to maximize their potential."
Dr. Burton Cox, Jr.

"Prior to the start of the upcoming school year, I needed a way to "recharge" my batteries. Once I started reading "IT'S GREAT TO BE YOU!" I could not put it down. In fact, I read it twice, underlining sections that I felt would be relevant to both me and my students. Mr. Saint's book sits on my night-stand as a resource/reference. I truly believe that this book will inspire me to take control of my life, rather than allowing others to do so. You owe it to yourself to read this one!!!"
Jeff Behrens
Educator - High School Band Director

"A routine question I get goes something like this, “What should I include in my Leadership Program?” There are number of things that can be included but the best resource I have found is to include a book titled IT‘S GREAT TO BE YOU! by Raymond A. Saint.

This book is a very fast and easy read packed with information that I wish I had when I was 50 years younger. It would have saved me a lot of trial and error events in my life. Ray breaks the book into 23 chapters of practical, easy to understand principles. The book flows from martial arts related issues to business issues to real life situations like a knife through butter.

He has included just the right combination of facts with stories to hold the attention of even the worst reader. Such statements as, “How badly do I want what I say I want?” are tied to realistic goal setting, knowing when you’ve reached the goal, and how to evaluate success as you define it and not as someone else defines it for you.

The example used in the Decision Making chapter is the “I” team. The reality to solving any problem, reaching any goal and the strategies for doing that falls on your “I” team. And, of course, the “I” team is you. The book concludes with a chapter on Lifestyle Change. The key words here are DO IT. Nothing wi ll ever be accomplished without the first step. This book will encourage you to take that first step and it will help you avoid some of the ditches you’ll fall into without it.

That’s why it’s a great tool for a Leadership Program. I would make it a mandatory read of all my students approaching their black belts. I would also make it mandatory for any Leadership Program. You’ll get plenty of teaching material and your students will learn what true leadership really is.
Larry Doke

"This is a feel-good book that is hard to put down. It doesn't make you feel guilty for how you lead your life; it is not a self-help book at all. It only empowers you to want to be the best person you can possibly be. It is a book that will kick off your day with a smile and a feeling of hope for positive experiences and success "on purpose." It is also a book that will allow you to sleep well at night, knowing that you're taking steps toward goals of all shapes and sizes. "It's Great to Be You" taught me that everyone can be successful in everything, no matter how big or small a person's aspirations may be. The short chapters especially fit my hectic schedule, perfectly fitting into whatever free time I had. I look forward to reading this book a second, third and fourth time, because I know it will continuously motivate me and offer additional guidance for whatever life brings my way. Thank you Ray for your fabulous positivity. You inspire me to be a "great" and "successful" person "on purpose."
Correne Morgan
Editor - Fennimore Times

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Saint for many years. In every setting, he exudes confidence and inspiration. To now have his experience, insight and motivation available in this new book is a tremendous accomplishment. This book will serve as a model of inpiration for all who read it. When he mentioned to me several years ago that he was considering writing this book, I thought "it's about time!" Now we all have the opportunity to utilize the empowering tools he provides us. The book is an easy read, and flows smoothly from chapter to chapter. There isn't a person alive who would not benefit by motivation, inspiration, encouragement and strategies to live a fuller and more rewarding life. Ray Saint has successfully provided the tools for each of us to achieve these goals. I have given many copies to family, friends, and co-workers, and would encourage anyone else to do the same!"
Brent Kooistra
MD - Allergist

"I really enjoyed Ray's book. It is filled with loads of useful reminders as to how we can make the most out everyday. It is one of those books that you can pick up anytime, flip to any page and find value. Way to go Mr Saint. "
Dave Kovar
Chief Training Officer/ Kovars Satori Academy

"Awesome read for anyone who is in the field of organizational development. Ray nails it on the head, it is ultimately "you" that makes the difference. In the end there really is an "i" in team and you can be successful on purpose. I encourage anyone who wants to improve productivity and encourage excellence to pick up this book and more importantly apply the lessons to your life and work. Thanks Ray!"
Peter Thillman
Dean, Workforce Solution, Lakeshore Technical College

"Leadership isn't a some time thing it's an all time thing...all respects to Vince Lombardi. I read Ray's book along with my teenage son and it was a marvelous opportunity to talk with him about leadership and how it is "Great to be You." Goal setting, working hard, seeing the good in things are timeless concepts presented in a great way. I highly recommend the book and, even more important, I highly recommend implementing the lessons! "
George Krueger
Teacher and Economic Developer

"If I could download the tools Ray Saint sets forth in his book, It’s Great to be YOU!, into every one of my students’ brains I would do so immediately! As an instructor at a technical college, I have the honor of meeting so many people. I could see so many of them, and myself, in this book. It’s Great to be YOU! provides many tools students can easily apply to reach their potential. Many of us do not adequately set goals. Why? Ray explores possible causes. Fear of failure? Lack of commitment? Lack of desire? Ray Saint clearly and simply describes WHY goals are important to realizing potential and dreams. Tools in his “Toolbox Takeaway” encourage readers to challenge themselves and set a course of action to reach goals. Many of us let life happen to us instead of taking actions that allow us to have some control over our lives. Commitment, intent, and being “successful on purpose” are crucial elements this book illustrates in a very practical manner. Truly adopting this mindset will allow readers to strive for their potential and be very rewarded for doing so. Do you want to create a great day for yourself? Pick up this book, soak it in, and challenge yourself! "
Karyl Nicholson

"I was given Ray's book "It's Great To Be You!" as a gift and I highly recommend it. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. The book is an easy read and once done you are left with a "Can Do" attitude and tools YOU CAN do to improve your life, both personally and professionally. Whether you are looking to make a major life change or just get out of a rut, there is something in this book for you. I'm ready to begin that exercise program I have been putting off!! Thanks Ray for the push I needed!"
Lynn Vassh
Senior Legal Secretary

"From first hand experience, I can honestly tell you that my father, Ray Saint, has championed the ideas within this book in his everyday life. All of his successes have been on purpose. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to always have his wisdom by my side, and no matter what type of question or concern I approached him with, he was always willing to share his ideas. More importantly, he always let me know that I was in charge of my life, and if I wanted to be successful, I must create the necessary opportunities. I guarantee you will find the same inspirations and motivations within this book. Acting also as a living journal, this book will make you aware of your thoughts and decisions, whether you like it or not! Without a doubt, the ideas in this book have made me the individual I am today."
Trevor Saint
Percussionist, Sound Artist, Contemporary Music Advocate

"It's Great To Be You" is an excellent book. I read it not once, but twice. Very well written extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to be in control of their future. Chapter after chapter contain simple thought provoking ideas to help you better your future. I would recommend this book to anyone. This book is a winner written by a winner."
Sut Hill
GM, Ford Dodge Jeep Dealership

"Simply said, Rays book is a brilliant display of simple life scenerios that can be adopted by absolutely anyone. A must read if you are in the market to becoming a better you."
Joe Biba
Owner, Construction Company

"Ray's book is fantastic!!! The book has many great take aways!!! It is easy to read and understand. Ray provides real life examples that everyone can relate to."
Paul M. Thares
Program Admin - Western Wyoming Community College

"It's Great to be You" is interactive reading experience. it works as a cover-to-cover read or as a reference guide, depending on your needs. It also engages the reader to think about its lesson and chart next steps. I personally found it a very helpful tool in the battle against everyday stresses. Thanks Ray! "
Stephen Crane
City Administrator

"It's Great to be YOU! is a wonderful book on self improvement, confidence and accountability! Ray touches on many important and necessary obstacles many of us go through on a daily basis. I have to say, spending many days and nights with Ray in our conversations on how we could "improve this world" has come to fruition. Life, being what we make of it, and how we perceive it, makes all the difference in how we connect and reach a level of community with others, as well as harmony within ourselves. We must invest in ourselves with positive information such as this book Mr. Saint has written to help us define where we are personally, before we begin to take on the world. Thanks for everything Ray! "
Zach Vogel
Personal Trainer/Health Coach

"As a graduate student studying Organizational Development, I have read many books on motivation, satisfaction, fulfillment, and the like. "It's Great To Be You" inspired me the most... keeping my motivation high! I commonly refer to "Rayisms" both professionally and personally. Thank you Ray for sharing your passion with the world! It is truly a great day! "
Megan Graney

"While there is no substitute for the energy and inspiration Ray brings in person, his book offers a genuine and life-proven way of getting to where you need and want to be in life. It’s great to be you, and Ray’s book will give you the keys to unlock all the potential you have hidden within. The results this book can bring in you are astounding. Why haven’t you read it yet? "
Kyle Krogen

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